Ascensors de Valparaiso

Houses stack-up on the hills of Valparaiso as high as they can possibly go. There are a few ways to get up there: car, bus, walk (good luck with that) or the ascensors ("elevators").

The ascensors are like trolley-carts and are operated by big turning cogs which pull on the cable on which the carts are held. As one goes up, the other comes down - they work in unison. They are old and rickety, but they are just another wonderful characteristic that adds to the charm of this fantastic city.

[Below] Ascensor Cerro Concepcion was the first elevator of Valparaiso. Cerro means "hill" and each hill of Valparaiso has a name. For example, I was staying on Cerro Playa Ancha.

[Below] The station house of Ascensor Espiritu Santo. Like many of the other station houses, it just looks like a tin shed.

[Below] Those who are afraid of heights, or prefer not to take the elevators for any reason, please get used to these... many, MANY steps! (I think laughter is in order here.)

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