Cemeteries are fun!

The first time I went to Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires I thought, "I'm not really motivated to take photos here. There's nothing too interesting." But each time I went back I saw more and more small details and marvellous things that I wanted to capture on film... or should I say, "memory card."

These are photos of Debo and I having fun in the cemetery. Is that wrong?

- "Don't move. And put your hands where I can see them."
- "Okay, Okay. Don't shoot! I'm unarmed."
- "Do as I say and you won't get hurt. And no funny stuff... I saw what you did with the fish and wine."

[Above] "Oh how I wish I had cable TV."

[Above] Most of the coffins are in large tombs. But there are also many placed in large towers of coffin storage. I was pulling on the handle of each storage unit as I walked past. Debo said, "You can't open them, Ara. They're all locked." Except I soon found that one of them was un-locked.

Whenever I dealt with cadavers in university they had always been marinated in chemicals for many years prior to "resurrection." This was the first time I smelled decaying human. It was bad. This poor chap had been "returning to the earth" since 1984.

His door clearly lacked one of these. [Below]

[Below] Jesus behind bars.

[Below] Debo hiding among the tombs.

[Below] The secret life of Jesus.

"Look up there!"
"It's a bird!"
"It's a plane!"

[Above] I think it's safe to assume this baby went to heaven!

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