19 May 2009

Completo... Completo with food poisoning.

I guess I should have been more suspicious whilst buying a Completo ("hot dog" with everything) cooked in a shopping trolley.

I went to the Quinta Normal area of Santiago yesterday to see some museums - as they are mostly free-entry on Sundays. In the square outside the metro station was an armada of hot dog vendors operating out of shopping trolleys. The bottle of gas was hanging on the side, the condiments, filling and grill were on the inside. They seemed very popular and had many customers so I thought it should be safe.

It cost less than US$1 - a few cents extra for guacamole - and it came with white, orange and red vegetable based fillings, and an incredible amount of mayonnaise which glued it all together. It was a good snack and moderately tasty. Shortly after, I bought chocolate-on-a-stick from another street vendor for about $0.18 and I felt completely satiated.

After I finished moisturising my hands with the mayonnaise run-off I proceeded to the Natural History Museum. And then the rumblings began. Followed shortly by gurgles. It wasn't long before my mouth started filling with saliva in preparation for an upheaval.

Though fortunately this never happened, but the rumbles and gurgles and an odorous confluence of gases continued for some time afterwards.

Lesson learnt: Do no eat food cooked in shopping trolleys.

I must have a word with the trolley boy.

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  1. Kerplunka15:31

    Hahahaha. I've never had any problems with the food trolleys before. Maybe because of the vaccine I got when I was just born, hahaha.
    White, orange and red vegetable = "salsa americana"

  2. Holy moly! Where can I get MY completo vaccine??? haha :D

    Ahhh... salsa americana. I didn't know it had a special name. Thanks so much for the info. :)

  3. I feel you brother. I am going through exactly the same right now in Puno, Peru...

    Let's try and feed ourselves better when we join forces, shall we?


  4. Puno in Pero. Okay... so should I stay away from there then? haha

    Yes, a good diet would be awesome. I still need to learn that combination of spices you learn. I never got the hang of using ginger.


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