Día de Navidad

The Argentinians celebrate Christmas here on the 24th December. The logic is that Jesus was supposedly born at night on the 25th - i.e. in the early hours of the day. So on the night of the 24th everyone gets together with their families for a Christmas dinner and when it turns midnight they all toast each other. Presents are also opening on this night.

I was with a small group of friends and the passing of midnight was quickly followed by the clapping and screaming of fireworks being fired. We ran down to the street and watched families and children lighting fireworks and throwing caps with deafening noise. It was very much like a New Year's celebration, though I have been told to expect the same at midnight of the 31st.

Unless Argentinians are suggesting that Jesus was born at the exact moment of midnight, they are in fact simply celebrating the arrival of Christmas Day. I didn't say anything and kept my mouth shut and my fingers in my ears.

Today is the 25th. I'm unsure and confused with regards to what significance is placed on this day. It is a public holiday but I'm unsure whether it is to continue celebrating the day of Christ's birth or to nurse a hangover. I'm meeting a group of friends for a big dinner with the possibility of going out afterwards. My contribution to the dinner will be Chinese Fried Rice - nothing celebrates the birth of Christ better than dish from a culture that doesn't believe in him.

* * * * * * *

Merry Christmas everyone. Unfortunately I don't have Skype capabilities here, again, and I am verbally disconnected from you all. But I am sending you all much peace, love and light through the skies.