Attacker-Victim Relationship

The Christmas party was okay - a gathering with nice group of people. Afterwards we went to another apartment to sit on the roof terrace and have drinks. At around 1.30am we headed to a bar, which was over-charging for entry, and so a different another bar - which was shut. I decided to call it a night and walked about 30 blocks home along spooky deserted streets. [Nb. the blocks here are extremely long.]

At 2.30am there is very little life on the streets. A few cars pass - mostly taxis working the graveyard shift - homeless people, some underage drinkers, drunks, and 24-hour-pharmacies and Chinese-run convenience stores which trade through a small square opening in the protective grid of iron which is lowered over the shop fronts at night.

I've generally been hasel free on my travels so far [on knocking on the wood table with my left hand]. I believe I am very vigilant whilst walking on the street all alone, but I have also been told I look Argentinian, which I'm sure helps.

Of course, it should also be considered that most people believe me to be an attacker, rather than a victim - so I assume other criminals simple extend me a professional courtesy by leaving me alone. A few nights ago a was walking down the quiet street to my apartment. I crossed the street in front of am aggressive, large, black 4WD and a I did I heard all the doors click as the driver initiated the central-locking as I passed.

I had to laugh.

Does this look like a suspicious-looking character?