Late night Tango

Buenos Aires. I've finally moved into a room in a shared apartment and I'm getting settled in. I'm living in Almagro which, as far as I'm aware, is the cool, hippy, Bohemian part of town. Historically, there was massive immigration to this area in the early twentieth century and as a result Almagro became the birthplace of many famous tangos.

I had always thought it was primarily a dance, but tango is a style of music that originated among European immigrants in Argentina and Uruguay. The complex dances arose afterward. And though I knew this in the back of my mind before going to see a tango show last night I was still a bit disappointed when the show was only of music.

Everything starts so late here in Buenos Aires. I met my friends at midnight and the show started at about 1.45am. Not having slept much over the last 2 weeks I couldn't keep my eyes open and fell asleep in my chair, and then with my head resting on the table at which we were sitting at.

Over the weekend I went out of town with some friends to a place called La Plata. We had drinks in park and then went to a bar to watch people sing whilst playing solo guitar. It was really beautiful but, once again, I couldn't manage to stay away. I fell asleep on the table at the back of the room.

We went for ice-cream - really popular here, as you can imagine with the heat - and then to a nightclub. I stood against the wall, leant my head against it and slept while some DJ's experimented with instruments over electronic sound on stage at the front.

At around 5am we went to the apartment of a friend of a friend of a friend. As soon as we got in I lay down on the wooden floor and slept. I woke up 20 minutes later to reposition onto a bean-bag and rested my tired eyes for the rest of the morning.

Does this mean I'm getting old? Nah.

Being on the road for a long time can be tiring, so I was looking forward to coming to Buenos Aires and being rooted for a few months.

[These are all self-portraits I took in my hotel room in Asuncion, Paraguay.]

* * * * * * *

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everyone. Xmas is celebrated on the 24th December here, though I guess I'll probably celebrate both days. Peace, love and light to you all :)