There is not much to do here, yet I am trapped in this place.

There is one trail which I trekked in a couple of hours. There is a tropical rainforest nearby with yet another waterfall. I took the 6.30 bus there this morning and then hitched a ride back with the park ranger.

I has been raining ALL DAY! Luis, the park ranger told me, "Here it rains all through summer but winter is very dry. No rain."
"Why?" I asked.
"Because of the rainforest. The water evapourates and then the wind from the ocean blows across and up the mountain and cools. This forms more clouds, and more rain."

There's about 3,000 people In Guaraqueçaba. I think I've met most of them now. What a difference from anti-social Curitiba, where you ask someone for directions and they just keep walking - this happens all the time. Here, everyone says hello when they walk past you on the few streets - even little children. I think there may be a little dialect difference here though, as many people greet me by saying, "hoppa."

I found 2 crabs in my shower today. The owner of the pousada (Brasilian guesthouse) picked them up with his hands. I took one from him and it crawled up my arm. That's when I started screaming like a girl.

I have to wait until 14.30 tomorrow for a boat out of here. I'm going to try to sleep as much as I can to pass the time quickly.