When I was in Lencois I had the pleasure of watching a game of "street" football with the local kids.

Do you remember ever complaining to your parents that you want those new Nike shoes? These kids have no shoes.

Do you remember wanting a new ball because your's was old, the logo was worn out, it kept losing air, blah blah? These kids are playing with something that was a ball once, though it no longer rolls - now it just rests on it's flat side.

Have you ever complained about an unlevel or lumping playing field? These kids are playing on a hill!

What did it take for you to be happy back then? What does it take for you to be happy now? Are you happy that you have anything at all? Are you happy that you are alive?

A vida é bela (life is beautiful).
Do you need material possessions when you already have a priceless gift?
I hope you are all enjoying your journey.