When I first arrived in Brasil I was surprised to see such a concrete jungle. I have seen just as many high-rise buildings in Brasil than I have in New York. Here's a few just from Rio:

The conical-shaped cathedral in Lapa.

The Petrobas building, i.e. Petroleum Brasil. A company big company in Brasil.

A close-up of the chic Petrobas building.

Apparently these apartments come with air-conditioning.

* * * * *

I'm in Ponta Grossa now. My host here has VEGEMITE... a souvenir from her trip to Australia!!! Due to a disagreeable taste, the jar was completely full and untouched - these gringos simply don't know how to eat this wonderful spread. So for dinner tonight I made us toasted Vegemite and cheese sandwiches. She started to see the magic of Vegemite. Even her bull-terrier dog, Shark, loved it - I spread some on a dog biscuit and he almost engulfed my hand in his enthusiasm. Good dog.

There's not much to see or do here in Ponta Grossa. I went to a park with sandstone rock-formations and then hitched a ride with a couple into town - rather than waiting three hours for the next bus. Tomorrow morning I will go towards Tibagi where there is a canyon.