Phone boothes

In Brasil, you can't simply put a few coins into the public phone to make a call. You need to buy a phone card. And mobile, or cellular, calls are relatively expensive - as are sending text messages (which are certainly more expensive than in Spain). As a result, many people utilise the public phones as their method of tele-communication.

Prostitution is actually not illegal in Brasil - though it is illegal to operate a brothel or to employ prostitutes. In the late 1990's police estimated that there were about 1 million prostitutes in Brasil. And even if it wasn't legal, all you would have to do is give the policeman 50 Reais (less than 20 Euro) and he'd most probably let you go.

The phone booths around Lapa, Central and downtown (in Rio) are a common advertising board for prostitutes. In Lapa, they tend to have more of a transvestite flavor.

Prostitution in the United Kingdom is illegal. Though the phone booths still exhibit the same decor.

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I'm in Curitiba now. I'm heading to Ponta Grossa tomorrow. Then Tibagi and back to Curitiba for a train to Paranagua. A ferry to Guaraquacaba. Back to Paranagua and another ferry to Ilha do Mel.

Though plans changes, don't they?