Another delayed update on Spain

My posts have been rather mis-timed and delayed lately. Though I am actually am in hotel - which I haven't paid for - in Slovenia now, here's an update on the space of the world I occupied over the last few weeks.

Last week I completed my circle from Barcelona, anti-clockwise, through the north, mid-Spain and then back to Barcelona. I travelled through Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and then got the 7 hour train back to Barcelona.

My trip from Valencia to Alicante was probably one of the most disgusting and horrble bus rides I've had the displeasure to endure. Every 15 minutes the driver would cough up phlegm from all but the deepest pits of his rancid lungs and then spit it out the window with an amplifier. This continured for the whole 3 hour journey.

But my tormented journey to Alicante was rewarded by sun and a beautiful beach, as I went for my first swim during this entire Spanish trip. It's reminiscent of my last tour of Spain where, once again, the only place I managed to swim was in Alicante. It's probably one of the better places to swim - the wonderful beaches in Barcelona might be popular but they are manufactured by sand brought in from the middle of the ocean - evidenced by the mass heap of sand on the beach just waiting to be evernly distributed only to be dinted by bikined and naked bottoms alike.

The water looked amazing! Every time the waves swept in and out of the shore it was like an endless blue tentacle of index fingers inviting me into it's blue mouth . I dug a little hole and burried the house key of my host - with just enough metal poking out of the sand to be able to find it again - and then covered it with my sandals and then dived into the refreshing waters. I made sure not to venture out further than "Piss Depth" - i.e. the depth where there are very few people around, hence making it a safe environment to piss in the water unnoticed - so if someone tried to steal my minimal belongings I could return for a chase within a reasonable time.

Ironically the moment I ducked my head under water the sun seemed to magically disappear. Fortunately it returned soon after to create long distorted shadows of many sagging breasts over old and morbidly obese topless sunbathers.

I went for two stretches of water emersion in the giant viscous tongue of ocean, and decided to stop when I ruptered a vessel in my left ear practicing my capoeira handstands in the shallow water.