Day 1 - Lausanne to Zurich

I've got very limited time. I'm on a hotel computer in Maribor Slovenia. Why am I in a hotel, you ask, when I have a perfectly apt tent and sleeping bag - enabling me to camp in car-parks and grassy patches at truck-stops, as I have been for the last 2 nights? The answer will come in a few days. Let's first catch up on the first couple days of this epic (mostly) over-land journey to Armenia, shall we?

Day 1. Starting in Lausanne on Thursday 10th July, a French truck driver (with origins from Sengal) was kind enough to embezzel food from his lorry to feed us enroute to Zurich. Once there I took some time to buy some men's deoderant to use as a make-shift pepper-spray & mugger repelant.

Sortly afterwards we met a fish - a chemical engineer who had spent the whole day putting chemicals INTO water to make it drinkable, but didn't manage to drink any himself. I offered him a sip from my full bottle of water and he guzzled the whole half litre. He explained the advantage of drinking hard water over soft water, i.e. with it's higher concentration of Calcium and Magnesium, and took us to the right side of town where we would be better able to get a connecting ride to Innsbruck.

Being late, we camped in some shadows at a truck stop. There, we discovered the most magical toilets made by man - so large you could clim in and have a bath in them. Seriously! Somebody must think truck drivers either have MASSIVE arses or have REALLY bad aim. Though the toilet seats were only lowerable by hydraulic hinges, so that you had to actually sit on the seat to keep it down - making sure none of the truck-drivers pissed on the seat with their apparent bad aim.