The end is near

In a few weeks I will leave the UK for good. After mid-November I will be on the road for about five months straight, and then I have to leave. So this is pretty much my last chance to prepare for my final departure.

The most taxing task is packing up all my worldly goods - souvenirs from travels, paperwork, clothing and random junk. The time consuming part is sifting through all the crap and deciding which is worth keeping - and hence paying the exuberant fee in order to send back to Australia - and which simply junk.

It doesn't help that I've written thousands of little notes to myself on tiny scraps of paper, no bigger than a stick of gum - most of which are pearls of wisdom and million dollar ideas. So each time I come across one of these little scraps I have to give it the appropriate attention - otherwise the world will suffer, of course.

I've been sifting and sorting for two days now and I've finally managed to fill my first box. Unfortunately it's just a shoe box, but I've gotta start somewhere.