Cornwall to Brighton

Last week I took some time off from my packing to go down to Cornwall for a few days. I remember first reading about Cornwall in a book I read in high school and I've had a clear picture of it in my imagination ever since.

I had a great time while I was there. First, I went to the Eden project - a couple of enormous and enclosed, simulated biomes. One of the biomes simulated a Mediterranean climate whereas the other recreated a tropical ecosystem, with all the appropriate plant - and some animal - life within.

I met up with a friend in Cornwall and she took me to her local beach, and to a cliff from where we watched wild seals frolicking on the beach... VERY cool! On the walk to the beach she spotted a little snake on the dirt path and dared me to pick it up. Never having watched too many Crocodile Hunter episodes, I asked her, "Where do I pick it up from?"
"From the tail," she replied confidently.
I sceptically followed her advice, upon which the snake quickly coiled around to hiss at my fingers. Of course I shrieked like a little girl and ran the opposite way while the snake slipped into the bushes.

After that I hitchhiked to St. Ives -a nearby town. I was lucky enough to be picked up by a kind gentleman who was trying to run away from the law - I think I was supposed to be his alibi in case they actually caught up with him. He told me all this after he was certain that he had lost the police.

Whilst in St. Ives I tried some authentic Cornish pasties and even some Cornish fudge - which was so rich in made my temples burn. I also a a gander at the Sloop Inn - Cornwall's oldest pub, established at around 1312.

The next day I came back to London and resumed my packing.

I'm in Brighton now. I'm working here for the next two and a half weeks.