Horrid beasts and mutations from the Galapagos Islands

I think I went overboard with the photos on my trip to the Galápagos Islands. I'm actually embarrassed to mention how many I took. But in my defense, the light was constantly changing and I had to take about 3 shots of everything to try to achieve the perfect white-balance.

Here are some photos from my first folder of photos. The first folder of many, haha.

[Above] Sally Lightfoot Crab

[Below] Green Pacific Turtle - it is a unique animal with 3 legs (seen in this photo) in addition to its 2 arms.

[Below] The view from the top of Bartolome island. All of the Galapagos Islands exist due to volcanic activity.

[Below] Ninja Star

[Below] Godzilla. He was climbing up a cliff-face at a dizzying pace so I only managed to get a shot of his legs.

[Below] A stalker - or the equivalent in the animal kingdom.

[Below] Sea lions - a mother with its new-born baby. Cute, no?

[Below] Fight, fight, fight...

[Below] Birds. Aren't you glad I clarified that?

[Below] Mutated duck with blue feet.

[Below] Brown Pelican

[Below] Fishermen being chased by giant flies and mosquitoes. Yep, evolution has gone wild on the Galapagos Islands. If only Charles Darwin was around to see it.

[Below] A bird flying over the moon without oxygen or rockets.

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