More oddities from Galapagos

[Above] Pink flamingo. It's pink because some barbarian vandal threw paint over it. Before this act of vandalism it used to be black, as evidenced in the photo below.

[Below] A proud Galápagos Eagle.

[Below] White-tipped reef shark. It's major advantage for survival is being disguised as an ironing board.

[Below] A GIANT Sally lightfoot crab.

[Below] Green!

[Below] Touch down

[Below] A heron having a crab sandwich.

[Below] Aerial attack of Magnificent Frigatebirds.

[Below] Cactus

[Below] I know it looks like this bird is scratching it's eye but if you look closer you'll see that it's actually giving me the finger.

[Below] There is a lot of tension in the turtles' locker room before the big race. Number 108 is favorite to win. In the following photo he can be seen leaping over another competitor in one, single bound.

[Below] Headless Booby

[Below] Just to prove that I was actually there...

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