16 October 2009

More oddities from Galapagos

[Above] Pink flamingo. It's pink because some barbarian vandal threw paint over it. Before this act of vandalism it used to be black, as evidenced in the photo below.

[Below] A proud Galápagos Eagle.

[Below] White-tipped reef shark. It's major advantage for survival is being disguised as an ironing board.

[Below] A GIANT Sally lightfoot crab.

[Below] Green!

[Below] Touch down

[Below] A heron having a crab sandwich.

[Below] Aerial attack of Magnificent Frigatebirds.

[Below] Cactus

[Below] I know it looks like this bird is scratching it's eye but if you look closer you'll see that it's actually giving me the finger.

[Below] There is a lot of tension in the turtles' locker room before the big race. Number 108 is favorite to win. In the following photo he can be seen leaping over another competitor in one, single bound.

[Below] Headless Booby

[Below] Just to prove that I was actually there...

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  1. Sammy Russell02:58

    Sally Lightfoots have the Latin name "Grapsus grapsus" -- ain't it cool? Here's something Steinbeck had to say about them:

    Many people have spoken at length of the Sally Lightfoots. In fact, everyone who has seen them has been delighted with them. The very name they are called by reflects the delight of the name. These little crabs, with brilliant cloisonnĂ© carapaces, walk on their tiptoes, They have remarkable eyes and an extremely fast reaction time. In spite of the fact that they swarm on the rocks at the Cape [San Lucas], and to a less degree inside the Gulf [of California], they are exceedingly hard to catch. They seem to be able to run in any of four directions; but more than this, perhaps because of their rapid reaction time, they appear to read the mind of their hunter. They escape the long-handled net, anticipating from what direction it is coming. If you walk slowly, they move slowly ahead of you in droves. If you hurry, they hurry. When you plunge at them, they seem to disappear in a puff of blue smoke—at any rate, they disappear. It is impossible to creep up on them. They are very beautiful, with clear brilliant colors, red and blues and warm browns.

    Man reacts peculiarly but consistently in his relationship with Sally Lightfoot. His tendency eventually is to scream curses, to hurl himself at them, and to come up foaming with rage and bruised all over his chest. Thus, Tiny, leaping forward, slipped and fell and hurt his arm. He never forgot nor forgave his enemy. From then on he attacked Lightfoots by every foul means he could contrive and a training in Monterey street fighting has equipped him well for this kind of battle). He hurled rocks at them; he smashed at them with boards; and he even considered poisoning them. Eventually we did catch a few Sallys, but we think they were the halt and the blind, the simpletons of their species. With reasonably well-balanced and non-neurotic Lightfoots we stood no chance.

    Anyway, all that's very interesting; but what I REALLY want to know is: how the hell do you still have that T-shirt, after all these years? How do you stop it getting holes? Do you use some kind of voodoo washing powder?

    Miss you bro.

    S x

  2. Sammy!

    That is hilarious! I love reading your contributions so much. And I'm sure other people enjoy them as much as I do. :)

    In regards to the t-shirt, I believe that the secret is NOT to wash your clothes. But even still, two of the three t-shirts I own are perforated by numerous holes. But this contributes well to my 'pobrecito' not-worth-robbing look that I've worked so hard to achieve.

    ALSO, I bought some voodoo washing powder in the Bolivian jungle.

    Miss you too, bro. :)

  3. We use Voodoo washing powder in our family too..... our 26 year old son is still wearing the skeleton shirt that I purchased before he was born and gave it to my husband while he was attending Chiro school. Our son still wears it all the time! I think the no wash cycle is used along with Voodoo to keep this shirt in tact for almost 30 years. LOL Love reading about your travels! Thanks for posting.

    1. haha... that's hilarious! :)


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