Iguazu Falls: Brazil vs Argentina. Part 1: Brazil

The Iguazu Falls in South America are one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. It is one of those sites where, once you set eyes upon it, you have to stop for a moment and try to take in what you are actually seeing.

But the falls are situated on the border of Brazil and Argentina, and each country has its own respective access. So which side is better?

I'll explore the Brazilian side first...

The Iguazu Falls have a 2.7 km edge, however 900 meters of this edge doesn’t have water flowing over it. Actually, the falls have numerous islands which divide it into 275 separate waterfalls.

[Below] Once you have follow the walkway to the business end of the cataract, the distant buzz of the Falls crescendos to a thunderous roar of crashing water. You end up halfway down an enormous wall of water, which constantly sprays you with mist from the falls.

It is here you have a front-row seat to witness the amazing power of this monster waterfall.

[Below] Only 20% of the falls are on the Brazilian side. But the Brazilian side offer a complete panorama of the incredible falls - which can not be appreciated equally from the Argentine side.