2 November 2011

Poneloya, Las Penitas

Poneloya is yet another amazing beach in Latin America. It is a 1.5km stretch of beach located 18km from the town of León, Nicaragua - which is also a great place to check out.

I recently learnt that the daily temperatures in Poneloya range from 32°C to 40°C... or more. This doesn't surprise me at all: one of my most vivid memories from Poneloya was of burning feet. I remember taking off my sandals with the intention to walk along the beach and feel the sand between my toes. But after stepping onto on the scorching hot sand, yelping and a screamed out a profanity, I quickly jumped back into them.

I then had to psyche myself up for the mad dash to the water.

But the roaring waves and fresh, cool water made it all worth it.


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  1. Poneloya looks just like the the kind of beach I would enjoy. I haven't managed to visit Nicaragua yet (my sole contact with Latin America has been a short but delightful trip to some Brazilian beaches), but I would sure love to go!

  2. But hey, the beaches in Brazil are pretty amazing too!! :)

  3. Excellent info! I enjoyed this post, and many of the others you've been putting out lately.

  4. Thanks Georgina. =)


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