11 March 2011

Cabin for Rent

[Above] SE RENTA CABAÑA por DIA ("Cabin is rented per day").

After having just arrived back in Mexico, to San Cristóbal to be exact, I walked past this patch of burnt land. In the middle of this lot of charred earth sat a little, colorful cabin... available for rent.

I would feel a little disconcerted to traverse a patch of burnt, barren land to reach a wonderland, fantasy cottage, so I never really considered this a viable option. However, I was even more disturbed by the questions this scenario raised: was the cabin built before the field was burnt or after; if before, how did the cabin avoid the flames; if after, which genius conceived the idea of building a cabin in the middle of a burnt field? Maybe Satan lives there. It could be his holiday home.

Personally, I wasn't comfortable with the idea of staying there but for any of you who are interested, the number is at the bottom of the sign.

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  1. Hum, that cabin does look a bit disturbing..but it looks like it was built after the field was burned. Which is quite weird in the first place...maybe they were expecting the grass to grow back faster?


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