26 February 2011

Security Guard, Guatemala

It Latin America you are simply not equipped for the security industry unless you have a gun... and of course the will to use it.

This man proudly protects a wall in Antigua, Guatemala.


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  2. Seriously, i wont noticed that its a guard if i havent seen the gun..their uniform is kinda different to the typical guard look.

    Peter Kelly

  3. Well, this was just around the main square in Antigua, Guatemala, so there are a lot of tourists around there. Maybe this look is to try to make foreigners feel less intimidated... albeit he has a shot-gun, haha.

  4. But it's not that unusual that a guard should carry a gun. After all, police carry guns too. And seriously...in the US you don't even have to be in the security industry to have a gun, in many states you can just go to the store and buy one. To me, that sounds way more unreasonable than a guard carrying a gun.

  5. The security officer job needs proper training to use weapons efficiently. They are also trained to handle emergency situation in an effective and organized manner in short period of time.

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