9 May 2010

Manipulative houses in New Orleans

The French Quarter of New Orleans is so beautiful. I could stroll along the streets for hours and still be dazzled by the character of the houses. Here is one of my favorites.

As I tried to walk past it yelled out, "Hey, I'm old and worn-out. Take my picture!" And so I did.

As I was about to walk away the house said, "That will be $5.00."


  1. so did you make a donation or just walked away? tell me more!

  2. I gave 1 penny. ;)

  3. You paid the house?! IT commissioned YOU. Pretty cool though, the original "shotgun shack" if I'm not mistaken, named for being able to fire a shotgun down the length of the interior. Or something.

  4. Paul, you are totally right... though I didn't know that and had to look it up, haha Thanks for letting me know; that's really interesting!!
    Here's the wiki on it:


  5. Konstantin15:11

    I remember seeing this house, or at least one in the same situation while I was there. The French Quarter is great and the music is fabulous!

  6. yeah... the music really is incredible. I arrived the day after the Jazz Festival and there was STILL loads of awesome music. I was staying with a host on Frenchman street and could hear a lot of it through the window. Yay!!!