Sugar addition in South America

It's hot in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Very hot. It's often lingering around 30 degrees Celsius everyday and as a result a lot of people are thirsty. However, the first choice of rehydration is carbonated soft-drinks - full of toxins, preservatives, chemicals and loads of sugar!

And so, in Guayaquil, vendors walk around with a 2 litre bottles of fizzy-drink and sell cups of "refreshment" for about 25 cents.

Unfortunately this plague is omnipresent in all of South America. People have fizzy drinks in their refrigerators rather than water. And consequently they are addicted to them. They get up in the morning and drink Coca Coca; usually order at least a 1.25 litre bottle between 2 people during a meal; and it's not uncommon to see people walking around with a 2 litre bottle of soft-drink in place of a bottle of water.

Who needs water when you can drink a plastic cup of ice-cold sugar and chemical. Mmm... yummy!