29 March 2010

The Darasa Woman

Darasa is Garifuna food from Belize: plantains and coconut-milk wrapped up in leaf. They only cost $0.50, making them one of the cheapest things you can buy to eat in Belize - which is an otherwise very expensive country.


  1. Sounds yummy - totally foreign to me, but good :)

  2. Hi Ara, wow, Cancun must be a total mind trip for you right now eh? Spring break and all! I look forward to some of the warped pictures you post next! Peace. T.

  3. Other people told me that as well! But I was staying on the other side of town with friends - away from the party zone - so I didn't even realise until I was at the airport waiting for my flight to the States. I saw something in the newspaper saying there is more police on the streets now for Spring Break. ha!


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