24 March 2010

Goodbye Latin America

After arriving in Brazil over 18 months ago I am finally leaving Latin America.

Tomorrow I am heading to the United States of America and, apart from Belize, it will be the first country in 18 months where the primary language spoken is not Spanish.

There is a possibility that I will experience some culture shock: going from countries where everything is negotiable and the depth of the law has a direct correlation to the depth of your pocket, to a country where... well, I must admit my knowledge of the USA and it's culture is limited, hence why I am going there.

I have been eating rice and black beans for so long that I fear I may have withdrawal symptoms once I arrive. I have had the desire for a big juicy hamburger for several months now... it may be one of the first things that I eat once I arrive. The red meat I have been eating for the last several months has almost definitely been zebu. Perhaps the taste of cow will now seem strange in my mouth.

I know I have many friends and family in the USA, many of whom I have probably forgotten about. If you are reading this and you fall within the categories of friend, family, acquaintance or future friend (i.e. anyone) please get in touch, leave a comment, send me an email... it would be great to meet while I'm over there.

If you are someone who would prefer to keep your distance from me, by all means please continue to ignore me. However please know that I still love you. ;)


  1. Woohoo!!! Finally! You're only 6 months late, so all good! :)

    Some pointers:
    1. The meat in the US generally sucks. It's too processed and/or fake and it will not taste anywhere near as good as the one from South Am. Even cui tastes better! When you get to Austin, however, I'll take you to a burger place that'll make you jizz in your pants! And if worse gets to worse, Dee makes a great rice&black bean dish, so you'll feel right at home.

    2. I was expecting the same culture shock when I got to the US. I was surprised to see that it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. Mainly I guess because I was craving a bit of western culture life, where I can easily find exactly what I am looking for and where I will not have to worry about my belongings every time I enter any form of public transportation.

    Can't wait to see you brother. :)


  2. Oh, and one more thing I forgot. My back needs some SERIOUS work!!!


  3. Hey Ara! Get to Austin so we can spoil you! : )

    And yes, I have a very tasty, spicy vegetarian black beans and rice recipe that is a cross between feijoada and cajun cooking. YUM!

  4. Anonymous13:22

    Safe travels cuzin, have fun in the US of A

    - Edgar

  5. Have a wonderful trip!!!

  6. jeje... yeah, I'm really looking forward to heading to Austin. I don't really know anything about it but realistically I'm coming just to see you guys. yay!!! I can't wait. :D

    Mene - I haven't even heard the word "jizz" for 2 years let alone the thought of food that can make me spontaneously do so (in my pants). I'm in! And yes, of course, my hands are all warmed up for you, baby. :)

    Dee - my mouth is already watering.

    Ed - thanks couz. I love you loads!

    h.b. - thanks :)

  7. Ara! We're in Phoenix, and we have family in LA. Please let us know if you head to either, and you have a place to stay in Phoenix. I don't know how long you plan to stay in the US, but I was thinking of you and Burning Man in late August. I think it would be a crazy blast for you! There are hardly words to describe it, but it is an irreplaceable experience. http://www.burningman.com/ We are unsure if we are going to make it yet, but have many good friends going with whom you could camp. They would take good care of you.

  8. Cool bananas! Thanks Kristin :)
    Yeah, I would love to go to the Burning Man. I heard so much about it!
    You guys are so awesome! I don't know exactly where I'm heading but I know I'm heading south... to Austin, Texas. I have to check a map to see where Phoenix is (my geography of the USA is still not that great, jeje).

  9. Ara, my brother told me about you. When you are in the NYC area-let me know. I live in Brooklyn, in an area that will not let you experience a black beans and rice withdrawl.

  10. haha...thanks Anait! I will let you know when I'm heading down. I look forward to meeting you soon. :D


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