Goodbye Latin America

After arriving in Brazil over 18 months ago I am finally leaving Latin America.

Tomorrow I am heading to the United States of America and, apart from Belize, it will be the first country in 18 months where the primary language spoken is not Spanish.

There is a possibility that I will experience some culture shock: going from countries where everything is negotiable and the depth of the law has a direct correlation to the depth of your pocket, to a country where... well, I must admit my knowledge of the USA and it's culture is limited, hence why I am going there.

I have been eating rice and black beans for so long that I fear I may have withdrawal symptoms once I arrive. I have had the desire for a big juicy hamburger for several months now... it may be one of the first things that I eat once I arrive. The red meat I have been eating for the last several months has almost definitely been zebu. Perhaps the taste of cow will now seem strange in my mouth.

I know I have many friends and family in the USA, many of whom I have probably forgotten about. If you are reading this and you fall within the categories of friend, family, acquaintance or future friend (i.e. anyone) please get in touch, leave a comment, send me an email... it would be great to meet while I'm over there.

If you are someone who would prefer to keep your distance from me, by all means please continue to ignore me. However please know that I still love you. ;)