24 November 2009

South America... DONE!

I've finally leaving South America!

And it only took 445 days, which is:
- 63.5 weeks
- 14.5 months
- 1.2 years

And there was still a lot that I missed on this enormous continent.

Below is a map with all the places I did manage to visit. Please feel free to zoom-in and have a play around with the map to get a more detailed idea.

In a few hours I will head towards Turbo to get a ride on a merchant's boat across to Panama. There are no roads between Colombia and Panama, so a boat or a flight is the only way to cross. The merchant boat is the cheapest option, thought it may take anywhere between a few hours and a few days to get across.

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  1. Stefy04:42

    Que experiencia tan grande Ara, es impresionante este viaje que has hecho, y como ya te lo dije un dia, se necesita de mucha valentia para viajar solo por tierras desconocidas, eres unico Ara, tienes una luz enorme y le caes bien a todos lo que te conocen, a todos nos haces reir y sentir bien, me encanto conocerte. Sigue adelante viajero, conquista el mundo que eres un campeonn!!! Stefy.

  2. Ay ome! ¿Qué más pues mijo? Bien o qué? Hay demasiado cosas como para hacer la lista completa. Es como mi quinta vez acá en la tierra querida y aún me falta mucho.

    I hope that you have a blast and learn many things along the northern portion of America. You are missed my friend. Un abrazote de oso.

    Chau pues!

  3. Stefy - muchas gracias mi amiga :) me pone feliz que compariti un parte de mi viaje contigo. Entonces gracias a ti por eso. Espero por el dia que reunirmos ontra vaz y disperar mas luz juntos. Yay!!! :D

    Kevin - thank you, my brother. I know I have missed so, so much, but I just have to keep going at this stage otherwise I will never finish. But I hope we will share some crazy adventures together very soon - whether in Colombia or in the Middle East. Missing you heaps!


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