Images from Quito, Ecuador

I had heard some negative things about Quito - that it was dangerous, over-populated and dirty. As a result I made a decision not to go. But the universe forced me that way and actually I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed my time there. Here are some photos from the 4 days I spent there.

[Above] Oliver's eye. He's a Swiss guy I met in Quito who had strange pigmentation in both of his eyes. This photo has nothing to do with Quito but I like it, haha.

[Below] A church dome as seen from Plaza San Francisco.

[Above and below] Ecuador is so named due to the French who undertook many studies with regards to the equator. The whole country was actually called Quito before, whereas now only the capital of Ecuador keeps this name - the place where the French boats landed.

Many tourists to Quito visit the Mitad del Mundo ("The Half of the World") where they pose on the line separating the northern and southern hemispeheres, which the French were studying. Most of these people then laboriously pose in front of the towering globe for a nice photo they can then upload on Facebook.

[Below] A little girl on a bus.

[Above and below] Iglesia La Compañía de Jesús - another one of Quito's beautiful churches. After travelling so long my enthusiasm for churches is almost non-existent, but Quito really impressed me. Almost the entire inside of this church is gold-plated with 24-carrot gold. It was built by indigenous people in a baroque style.

Like the other churches and the museums in Quito, a guide was included in the $1-2 entrance fee. Santiago, the guide, said that we were not allowed to touch the thin layer of gold which plated the wood, so I asked whether I was allowed to lick it. He said he would turn a blind eye while I did so. Mmm... yummy!

[Below] Random street

[Below] Random terrace

[Below] Random wall

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