I'm not in Machupicchu

So where am I?

After leaving the Colca Valley about a week ago I went to Cusco, from where I went to the famous Inca archaeological site of Machu Picchu. After a brief return to Cusco I went to Nazca to see the Nazca lines from the sky (I'll post about this soon) and then to the super touristic Huacachina, near Ica.

Huacachina is an oasis in the Peruvian desert. It has a a man-made lagoon surrounded by hostels and hotels... and nothing else. The major attractions are sand-boarding and a tour of the sand-dunes with a dune buggy. Huacachina's sole existence is for tourism and hence I will not write anything more about it.

I arrived in Lima this morning. I was hoping to get a connecting bus to the Ecuadorian border but unfortunately I missed the bus by a couple of hours and so I'm stuck here in Lima overnight.

I am now using the guest computer in my hostal - of which the keyboard is very sticky and dysfunctional - and as a consequence I accidentally published the previous post without any text or images (I try to publish a few articles in advance so I don't have to keep going to internet cafes every two days). I will publish it again, completed, very soon.

Anyway, until then, here's a few photos from my visit to Machu Picchu. Enjoy.

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