17 September 2009

Don't be coy about eating cuy

[I accidentally published this post empty before I had typed anything. Here's a link to the finished post: click here.]


  1. It's empty you muppet!!!

  2. Wow... you don't lose any time pointing that out!

    Well I'm using the crappy computer at my hostal in Lima. My big, powerful Chiropractic thumb accidentally brushed against the "Enter" button and it published before I had a chance to write anything. Poo!

    Thanks for noticing. :)

    ps. I like muppets. My favorites were Beaker and the saddistic French chef.

  3. You're welcome.

    Slander of the day: Doesn't do you much good your chiropractic thumb being the only big, powerful thing you got!

    Barababu, djssssss...
    Thank you very much, I'll be here all week!

  4. I also have a slightly enlarged, right big toe!

  5. rosie17:34

    As there were no pictures, googled cuy.......OMG, did you really eat guinea pig? What did it taste like?

  6. My next post will be about that (in 2 days). Though I forgot to write about the taste. It wasn't that amazing. Not so much meat on the bones. A little fatty. But not horrible. The skin tasted the best when it was crispy. :)

  7. Rosie18:58

    Mmmm...that sounds yummy!
    You'll have to get me the recipe......plenty of guinea pigs here!!



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