Stop! Thief!

This afternoon I left the house to go for a little walk. I hadn’t secured my sandals to the back of my ankles so as I exited the little backstreet on which I am staying I stopped on the corner where it meets the main avenue - where there are a number of car-service garages – to sort out my footwear.

I leaned against a pole of a street-light for balance, beside which a shiny, new 4WD jeep was parked – probably fresh from being serviced. There was an old woman on the other side of the garage’s wide entrance and as I wrestled with the straps of my sandals I watched as she ran a few steps towards me, struggled to get a clear view of what I was doing and then hastily calling into the garage with a clear tone of urgency… thinking I was trying to steal the car.

I realized what was happening but I chuckled to myself and continued what I was doing – I wanted to see what would happen. Within a matter of seconds a man ran out from the garage to handle the situation. He was followed by three other men who also came running – after all, the old woman was summoning everyone she could.
The workers saw that I was simply fixing my shoes and gave me a nod of "Oh... okay." I smiled and said, "Just a little paranoid?" and continued on.

I guess this confirms that I look like a thief. I’m blaming the humidity-affected hair.

It’s better to look like a thief than a victim.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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