10 August 2009

The German mennonites of Santa Cruz... and their hats

Further to a previous post, I managed to get some distant, paparazzi shots of some Mennonites at the Los Pozos market, where they come to buy and sell farming supplies... and apparently hats.

This culture really interests me and I'm trying to get out to visit one of the colonies but they are proving to be quite inaccessible. There is also a Japanese colony around here - which is even more inaccessible - but I have been told it is very old and traditional and the women walk around in kimonos!
I never knew these cultures existed in Bolivia.

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  1. I'm from Philadelphia, just a couple of hours from the heart of PA Dutch country where there is a significant community of Amish and Mennonites. I, too, find their culture to be fascinating. I found out there there are settlements of Mennonites in La Pampa here in Argentina. I'd be interested to find out more about the history of the Mennonites here in South America.

  2. Hey Katie!
    Unfortunately I never made it to the colonies... and I'm leaving Santa Cruz tomorrow. And I just found a couple of other people that are now interested in gong to check out their colony. Poo... bad timing. Maybe I'll have another chance somewhere else in South America.

  3. Anonymous02:53

    I'm from Western Canada, and have distant relatives in the colonies in Bolivia and Mexico. I am interested in finding out where I could order some men's straw hats, the wide brimmed ones. Thanks in advance for any assistance you are able go give me.


  4. Hi Edna!

    I did a search on the internet (in Spanish) to try to find a way you could buy these Menonite hats online but I couldn't find anything. These Bolivian markets aren't exactly technologically advanced.

    If you know someone is Santa Cruz in Bolivia you could get them to go to Los Pozos market and buy the hat personally, otherwise I would say do a google search for a "sombrero." Or maybe there is a latino area near you where you could go and buy them yourself. Sombreros are general sold in western countries but more as a novelty rather than the real thing. But you might get lucky. As I said, try the latino areas. Most big cities in North America should have such areas. So also maybe check eBay.

    Good luck. I hope all that helps! :)

  5. Very nice photos.


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