Cemetery 3 of Valparaíso

As far as I know there are three cemeteries in Valpo (Valparaiso). Having already been to Cemetery 2, I was completely blown away by what I saw at Cemetery 3: concrete tombs, one on top of another, forming buildings of death stacked high to the sky - bearing many similarities to the staked houses on the hills of Valparaíso.

But it wasn't as cold are macabre as it may sound. The cemetery is in an exquisite state and very well looked-after. And the tombs seem to be visited very often, as the facade of each concrete face is yet another explosion of color in this rainbow city, as flowers bring the cold, inscribed slabs to life.

[Below] An endless wall of tombs.

There was a guy there who asked me for money. When I refused to give him anything he dobbed me in to the security. Shortly after, a security guard approached me and informed me that permission is required before taking photos in the cemetery. I said, "Oh sorry, I didn't realise. So can I?"

[Below] One of the caretakers continuing the studious work.

[Above and below] These must be the equivalent of the 'cheap seats'.

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