The weather of Easter Island

As mentioned in previous posts, the weather on Easter Island - being a tropical Pacific island - was quickly changeable. It could be sunny with blue skies one moment and then pour down with fat and heavy raindrops the next.

It was never really a problem. Most of the time I had a raincoat with me - though one time I had to crawl up into fetal position and hide under a knee-high sign.

[Below] The good.

[Below] The bad.

[Below] The ugly

[Below] There were some of the most crystalline waters I have ever seen.

[Below] You can actually see the storm in the distance. This was the moment that I realised I could easily predict the weather changes. After this I was always wearing my raincoat at least five minutes before a major downpour.

[Below] Windows XP

[Below] On this day I hitched a ride to town in the back of a pickup truck. Another local was riding in back with me and told me he'd never seen such big waves on the island before. The waves in the photo below are nothing to what came later in the day. (Note the fishermen in the bottom left of the photo for an idea of scale.)

[Below] The dark lighting forced me to be a little experimental with my photography. What do you think?

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