Icecream that's GOOD for you!

When I first arrived in Chile I joined some friends for a walk along one of the many long, paved, pedestrian streets in Santiago. Upon seeing a heladeria ("ice cream shop") they suggested we buy some ice-cream.

The young boy working behind the counter was very kind to humor me by allowing me to taste four or five different flavors. And as a good employee he also offered me a taste of their newest flavor: Vanilla Basil.

Here is the translation of their promotional material:

The New Ice Cream... Vanilla Basil
Try it!
Know that the Basil:
- Strengthens the immune system.
- Relieves depression and anxiety.
- Remedy for headaches and migraines.
- Relieves muscular tension and rheumatism.

This new, super ice-cream was one of the most awful tastes I've ever had in my mouth. It tasted like seaweed mixed with milk which was vomited up by a dolphin and frozen. In other words, it wasn't very nice.

[Above] The boy on the left served us. My friend asked to have her ice cream in a cup, but I told him I wanted it in a coño. I was trying to ask for a cone, which is"cono" in Spanish. Coño, on the other hand, is the c-word. The boy found it very humorous that I asked for a vagina of ice-cream and, suitably entertained, he gave me an enormous double-serving.

I may still have a few problems speaking Spanish but it seems I spoke his language perfectly.

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