24 July 2009

The city that never sleeps

I'm back in Buenos Aires, where almost anything can be home-delivered. Alcohol, fast food, ice-cream, facturas (pastries) can all be arranged to your door with a phone-call.

There really is so much to do here. But when listing the famous landmarks of Buenos Aires the name of the sites are somewhat unremarkable compared to that of the caliber of the Eiffel Towers, Colosseums and Big Bens of the world, which seem to be a pre-requisite for 'great city' status. However, most people I have spoken to agree that the greatness of Buenos Aires is experienced by simply living here. Being here is the tourist attraction.

In Buenos Aires you can: indulge in great food at all hours of the day and night; go to countless, world-class musical and theater performances (to suit all tastes); browse in a book shop at 11pm; and go dancing in chic night-clubs until 5 in the morning.

Every minute of your day can be filled with something interesting and exciting to do. Buenos Aires truly is a city that never sleeps.... that is, except for these guys:

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  1. Dear Ara
    Really interesting and fascinating life and consequently Blog!!!
    Very Interesting journey.
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  2. Dear Shant!

    Thanks for your comment and thanks for adding me to your blog list. It's funny that you emailed me today... I was reading though your blog just yesterday!!! It's funny how the universe works.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

    Much peace, love and light,

  3. Anonymous18:52

    hi ara, im looking your site is very nice... this categories i liked very mucho because i did one very similar... :)

    well... kisses and good photos!!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments. :)
    what is the link to your site? I would love to check out the category you did.
    much peace, love and light,

  5. You're right, simply BEING in Buenos Aires is an attraction in itself. I actually like tha fact that there are no huge attractions of the caliber of the Eiffel Tower, because I usually find these 'popular' sights a bit boring yet I feel compelled to visit them anyway (because who goes to Paris and doesn't visit the Eiffel Tower? It's just poor manner.) What struck me about Buenos Aires were the shopping malls though...wow. Just wow. And I don't even like malls.


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