Gone to the dogs

As in most other big cities, many people in Argentina live in apartments. Humans have adapted to living in small spaces, so is it therefore adequate to assume that dogs can also adapt? There are many people here that don't really care. They chose to keep dogs as pets in the confined spaces of their apartments anyway.

Because of the long working-hours in Buenos Aires, people are often too busy to walk their dogs, hence they usually hire Paseadores de Perros ("Dog walkers") to do it for them. And with over 1 million dogs in Buenos Aires, there is dog crap everywhere!!! In the following short video it is suggested that a dog kept in an apartment, and only ever walked with ten other dogs, is happy.
[Below] The Paseadores de Perros can be seen anywhere around Buenos Aires but I found that the best place to see them is in Belgrano - where there are many rich people who want to own a dog but can't be bothered to look after it themselves. Today, in Belgrano, I became yet another fatal statistic... yes, I stepped in dog poop on the pavement.

When I was sharing an apartment a couple of weeks ago, the family in the apartment directly below ours had a dog. They would often go away for the weekend, leaving their beautiful, young dog locked in their tiny, concreted patio. They would leave it a heaping of food in a bowl and a couple of large dishes of water. The days that followed would be torture for the poor canine and everyone in the apartment building. [Below]

Surrounded by concrete walls and with a sky obscured by metal bars, for the next 3 to 4 days everything in in the poor dogs vision would not be unlike a prison. Lonely and confused and scared, the dog would cry and howl - all day, all night. How can people be so cruel? Some people see their pets as a animal to serve them with entertainment or companionship. I believe we should respect all life on our earth.

(In case you were wondering, the guy in the first photo was walking 16 dogs.)

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