7 Interesting Facts about Recoleta

1. Today Recoleta it a very affluent district of Buenos Aires, but it was initially populated by people escaping the yellow fever epidemic in 1871.

2. The neighbourhood has been referred to as the Paris of the Americas.

3. The Palais de Glace exhibition centre was originally an ice rink and ballroom. In 1915 Carlos Gardel, "The King of Tango", was wounded here after being shot by Che Guevara's father during a bar room brawl

4. Recoleta Cemetery hosts many former Presidents and, most famously, Eva Perón (Evita).

5. Keeping Evita company - as she rests in peace - is a colony of feral cats which reside within the gates. They gather in groups of dozens near closing-time when some locals feed them.

6. On the square facing the cemetery is an enormous rubber tree.

7. Some of the mausoleums in Recoleta Cemetery are now being used as janitorial supply closets.

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