Palindrome # 1046: Live to work or work to live

After the fireworks at the Planetarium I made my way to a house-party with a few other people. We miraculously hailed a taxi on this busy, busy night though, being five of us, we didn't all fit. Apologising to the taxi driver in advance for the delay, I began to quickly write down the address of the party for the others who couldn't fit.

I was sitting in the front passenger seat of the taxi - with the door open so that I could explain the details as I wrote - when all of a sudden the old, white-haired, over-weight driver lost his patience and started driving.
"Whoa," I said, as he drove around the corner forcing my door to close. He started raising his voice and yelling irately.
"Just a minute," I said, concerned for my friends who would be stranded without the address.
"This is costing me money," he barked aggressively.
"What, two minutes? Be calm," I said, calmly. "Happy New Year."
"Get out," he said. Unable to comprehend the source of fury of this man I simply sat in my place. He repeated the order.
"Why?" I asked. "Be calm, my friend." With that he unbuckled his seat-belt and started opening his door, implicitly saying he was on his way over to help me out. This taxi was near impossible to find but I didn't want to be in the presence of such negative energy.

It must be so toxic to the soul to be so focused on money. There are so many people on this earth who strive so hard for wealth, power and career. Sometimes people forget to live whilst making a living.

What do you really need to be happy and content? Happiness is a state of mind. Everyone can have this, and the best part is that it's absolutely FREE!!! Whoo hoo!!!

A smile and a big hug for you all :)