3 January 2009

Is it cold out?

I was listening to Classic FM over the internet yesterday. Broadcast from the United Kingdom, it was my first ear-full of current affairs news in about eight months - I have generally been in non-English speaking countries; my Spanish isn't good enough to decipher the jumble of words broadcast from the local news station, and I really haven't had the opportunity to even listen to the radio since I hit the road again.

One detail that continually slips my mind is that it's now winter in the United Kingdom - my old home. I listened as the announcer said, "...and the temperature is -5ÂșC."

I'm sorry, friends, but I would be lying if I said I didn't laugh. Sorry.

Here's what I have to put up with in Buenos Aires (temperatures are listed as daily highs and lows):

27°C | 18°C
29°C | 21°C
30°C | 23°C
32°C | 24°C

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