17 December 2008


Last Friday I went to see Los Piojos play at Luna Park - Luna Park is a concert venue here, not an amusement park as in Melbourne and Sydney.

Los Piojos, meaning "The Lice," are a famous Argentinian rock band and the event was sold out. So, though the starting time for the show was 21.30, my friends and I waited until 22.00 to buy tickets from the scalpers - when they were desperate to get ANY money for the tickets they would otherwise have to throw out. So in the end we paid 40% less than cost price and sat right at the front of the seating - behind the floor of standing fans.

This clip is from a couple years back but it gives you an idea of their music. Enjoy!



  1. Anonymous22:48

    Nice music and cute guys :)
    Where will u be on Christmas?

  2. Don't know. Probably Buenos Aires. I have no plans yet but I'm sure something will come up. How about you?

    You know, I thought I lost my red & white, woolen bracelet a couple of days ago but I found it a day later in a corner on the floor. But it reminded me that it will soon be a year since you gave that to me. Seeing that I didn't tie it onto a tree last year am I expected to complete the ritual this year?

    If I give you an address can you send me a few more to get me through the next year? :)


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