Buenos Aires! It's a city. A big city.

I haven't had a chance to see or do very much yet. My last few days have been filled by the frantic search for an apartment before I start my Spanish course on Monday. I went to see some apartments yesterday. I'm going to see some more apartments today.

Unfortunately there is nothing more exciting to tell. Though I did get harassed by a policeman while walking the abandoned city streets of Asuncion in Paraguay. I was looking for some forms of life and then it came riding up to me on a motorbike asking for my documents - which, of course, I had none. I played it cool and gave him no indication that I intended to pay him off and after radioing back to the headquarters he shooed me off.

I got back to my hotel and Marcos, at reception, said I was very lucky.
"It's impossible to go out at this time without documents," he said.
"Or what? They arrest you?" I asked.
He nodded.

Well now I know.