Just over two years I was working at an exposition in Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland. Whilst there I met a girl named Michelle Phelan. We met up for drinks, talked about life, the world and our future plans. I was about to go travelling again and then start another length of working in the UK, Michelle said she might start singing. At the time I thought it was just one of those fantasy ideas people have from time to time.

Two years later she has a single, Easy as it flows, which was played on the radio in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Japan, and an album and another single that are soon to be released.

She's teamed up with Pete McGrane, a trained classical and flamenco guitarist who studying in Andalusia, Spain, and together they have a national tour, along with TV and radio appearances during the coming months. They are called, Carosel.

Damn... I feel like I should have accomplished more over the last two years.

Oh... and after TWO YEARS of constant, annoying nagging and convincing, Michelle has finally decided to write a song about me! Yay!!! I think we all know a song that has anything to do about me is destined to be great.

Please check out their site and give them all your support... if not for them, for me. hahaha

I really like this live performance. Enjoy.

* * * * * * *

Thanks Michelle and Pete. You have all my best wishes and I am manifesting great things for you both. Much love and success on your journey.