28 December 2008

Angels, unite

A few days ago I was walking along the street as a guy was struggling to push-start his car up an incline. People saw him and continued walking past. Without saying hello or trying to even grab his attention I started helping him. He was leaning leaning into the car in order to have a hand on the steering wheel to be able to guide the car, and so he didn't see me. I didn't want him to.

He eventually got the momentum he needed, jumped in, started the car and drove off.

We don't need a reason to help our fellow man. We don't really need thanks for helping others. Being able to contribute to another person's life is a gift in itself. Being a part of their voyage is a privilege - whether it is a small part or large part; whether you are an significant influence or hidden detail. The feeling of knowing you have made someone happy - or at least happier - or the knowledge that you have saved someone some pain and struggle is a beautiful feeling. I collect these feelings. They make me feel good.

You don't need a special day or special occasion to do good unto others. Do good things simply for the sake of doing them - not for thanks & appreciation, reward or acknowledgement.

Have you done something good for a random person? Please share with me.


  1. one of my students was desperately trying to afford a trip and so i made deposits into his account. it was such a quiet thing - couldn't show preference, etc. that i feel weird typing it now!

  2. I think that's a beautiful thing that you have done.

    I'm sure there is an abundance of good karma to follow. Enjoy!

    Yay!!! :)


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