Let's try to catch up, shall we?

Day 1 (again)
Zurich to Salzburg

When we arrived in Zurich, we realised we had forgot our cardboard on the truck - or lorry, or camion (as I've now learned to call them). So I had to reach into a few garbage bins and dumpsters to find new canvases for our hitching signs. I found a pizza box and a thick-paper boutique bag which was white on the inside.

We camped that night at a driver's rest stop - for cars and trucks alike. We waited till it got dark and pitched the tent in the most discreet place we could. "Discreet" is one of Claudia's favorite words, hehe ;-)

So we were basically on the side of the carpark.

There was a group of young teenagers who arrived in the middle of the night and started drinking and making noise, but other than that I slept quite well :)