Back in Switzerland

It took us a bit longer to get back to Lausanne - one and a half days rather than the full day planned. It took us 4 rides on the first day and 7 different rides on the second day, but as a result we were dropped off right at Claudia's front door.

We met some interesting people, including a German organ surgeon, a anaesthesiology specialist assistant and a paraplegic guy who was driving the car completely with his hands - the accelerator was an inner ring on the steering wheel and the brake was a knob extending under the steering wheel. I think I managed to fall asleep in all the rides except two, haha.

The night between the hitching we sleep behind some bushes at a tankstellen (gas station). Seems like everyone had the same idea because when we woke up there was a mini-bus parked beside us and a car a just down the way.

I'm heading back to Spain on Thursday to start preparations for Brasil, but I hope to update you all on stories and photos of my trip very soon.