ok, I think an update is overdue....

The last I wrote I was experiencing life in Barcelona. I didn't really see much touisty stuff while I was there... just lots of meeting and greeting, trying to find work. After that I went to San Sebastian in the Basque country, and then Pamplona, Bergara and Arrasate - which latter of which is right in the heart of the Baque land.

Basque is a language which is absolutely nothing like Spanish, so being able to speak Spanish will not help you understand Basque at all!! They have many similariies to the Spanish culture, but do have their own cuisine, the most notable being the pinxchos. There are snacks serves on small portions of bread with various toppings, from a combination of cured ham, cheese, roasted peppers, salmon, tuna, etc, etc. And every year there is a Pinxchos Competition!

In general, it astounds me how much bread there is in Spanish/Basque cuisine. I can barely remember a meal without any bread at all.