Creux du Vent

I was a beautiful day out in the Swiss mountains. We sat on the side of the cliff and shared great conversations as we stared at the beautiful mountains and scenery and a 2km drop. We lost track of time a bit, and then lost our way back. And because we wanted to escape civilisation, neither of us was wearing a watch or had a mobile phone, etc. So we really lost track of time. We weren't even half way back yet and it started getting really dark - we were trekiing by moonlight for the last half hour, until then it was then too dark to even see the signs we were following. We finally got to a little windy road and stopped a car for directions. The young guy inside was happy enough to drive us the rest of the way down the mountain. Easy.

After hiking for 1.5-2 hours, and 14 sharp bends in the trail, we're finally at the top. Yay!

Behold... a rock!!!

The beautiful Alps

I can't bear it anymore...

Noooo... stay back!