Home “Sweat” Home

I finally arrived back in Melbourne last Thursday. It wasn’t a difficult journey at all [insert sarcasm]. I got up at 7am on Saturday morning - after getting only 2 hours sleep due to my attempts to pack-up my life in the UK. A 3-hour bus ride took me to Dublin where I boarded a flight to Paris, arriving after 3pm. I got to my host’s house somewhere after 5pm, where I chilled, chatted and accompanied them to a wig party – I had no wig so I ask my host to make something for me with kitchen supplies.

Got up at 9am the next morning to go back out to the airport and get my flight to Sydney, via Singapore. I arrived in Sydney on Monday night – there’s about a 10-hour time change in there somewhere – and stayed with family in Sydney for 3 nights, after which I finally made my journey to Melbourne.

When I had my bags first weighed in Dublin they amassed to over 35kg! The woman at the counter had already checked-in my first, big bag when she realized my carry-on luggage weighed double the limit. She sternly informed me that I’d have to pay for additional luggage, but I told her I would throw some stuff out [blatant lie]. She didn’t believe me but at that moment her phone rang and I took the opportunity to casually drift away from her. But I did realize I was going to have this same problem for the remaining 3 flights.

It was all generally okay though. I made sure I always batted my eye-lids when I got to the check-in counter, asked the person behind the desk whether they were having a nice day, hid my carry-on bag by my feet and constantly talked to distract them. I also adopted a pathetic, tired and malnourished appearance – which was my state at the time anyway.

I did re-distribute some of the weight between my bags though, so the final weigh-in of my check-in bag at Sydney came to 24 kg. I was given a stern warning of “next times” and “additional payments” but my lashes and patheticism (is that a word?) paid off.

[ps: running for buses with 35kg strapped to your front and back is not fun!]