Ara the Goat Farmer

A couple of weeks ago my kindly invited me to join him on a friend's goat farm. It was sooo awesome! The farm was completely self-sustainable - with energy, food and water (for the humans and the goats). He treated us to an amazing dinner of salmon, caviar, oysters, octopus, and barbequed chicken and goat - my mouth is watering just thinking about it all.

Being a city boy I jumped at the opportunity to help out on the farm - loading the newly grown barley from the greenhouse onto a truck, replacing the empty trays of barley with fresh seeds in the greenhouse and then throwing the barely to the hundreds of goats on the farms. Once the goats are old enough they are slaughtered and sent over to Asia (mostly Malaysia) for food.

We lit a massive bonfire - which kind of made my environmental and pyromaniac personas conflict with each other - and the next day we went out onto his vast land on quad-bikes with about 4-5 different guns and did some clay shooting. I was good at stationary targets but sucked at anything that moved.

The only down point of the weekend was when the family dog got excited, chasing the ball, while I was playing a bit of basketball with my cousin. He realised that the way things were going he was never going to get the ball so he bit my leg to improve his chances - deep! It worked.

Apparently he has never bit anyone before in his life. I guess I'm just a tasty dish ;-)

This beautiful landscape is only about 45 minutes drive from the city!

I got a Bronze medal in the Barley toss during the 2004 Olympics in Greece

Looks delicious... doesn't it?
- do I think I'm referring to the barley or the goats? ;-)

These are Alpacas! They protect the baby goats from eagles and foxes. See the cute little newly born goat trying to take it's first steps... awwww, delicious!
Also, check out the little goat stuck under the fence.
Goats usually give birth to at least twins

Chicks with guns... and beer

That freakin' dog!

Thankfully I had all my shots a couple of years ago before heading to Asia.