The Rosie & Garo UK Adventure

Unfortunately I didn't have another opportunity to speak to Gordon about my chewed up book, and Billy was reluctant to say anything. Stupid dog.

So I'm back in London - yet again. My next job is down south, about 20 miles from Brighton. Two weeks there then I've got a few weeks off. Yay!

My auntie and uncle from Australia were here over the weekend. They'd just done a three-week tour around the UK and stopped here for a day before jetting out to Thailand. They've already been here many times before over the years, so I had to rack my brains a little to take them to places they haven't visited on previous occasions.

I spent a day with them when they first arrived, before they started their three-week tour, and took them to Knightsbridge, the West End, Soho and Camden. So yesterday I took them to South Kensington to check out the beautiful architecture of the Victoria & Albert Museum - and the many dinosaur fossils inside - following which we headed to Westminster for a cruise along the Thames to Greenwich, where we went to the Royal Observatory to check out the time meridian, i.e. where they measure Greenwich Mean Time from. Their clock was slow.

Georgian architecture at Greenwich

View of the City of London from the Royal Observatory.
The city itself is only 1 square mile in size.

Today I learned that the greeny-black water of the Thames is apparently very clean. But because of a large tidal shift the water moves quite fast and hence disrupts the mud at the bottom of the river, hence giving it the appearance of being filthy and toxic. However in reality, if you took a glass of Thames water and let the sediment settle to the bottom, you would perfectly safe... for at least 2 hours before your stomach collapsed. Mmm... yummy!