Dubrovnik to Zagreb (Croatia)

Nothing like a long, LONG bus ride to bring you back to reality. Luckly it wasn't too packed, so most people had the option of stretching their legs over the aisle to lie across all four seats in a row. Unfortunately the back seat was taken by a young couple and they were already spooning by the time I got on the bus.

I couldn't sleep. I decided to read... a new fasination of mine. I had my reading light on, which was apparently bothering the young guy behind me. He tapped me on the shoulder and asked for some consideration, which I kindly declined.
"I'm reading," I said defensively.
"If you can't sleep, try one of these," he replied, outstretching hand of mysery drugs through the divide between the two seats of my row. I chuckled, thanked him for his generous offer, finished the chapter and tried to sleep.

But the driver was a snow-man and he had the air-condition pumping at full capacity to keep himself from melting. Through half forzen eye-lids I thought I saw five penguins sitting at the front of the bus and I thought "this is hell and it's finally freezing over." Turns out they were nuns. The hell theory was wrong... unless they were evil nuns of course!

Zagreb was nice. More terraced cafes packed with people without money. There's nothing like unemployment to raise comsumer spending. Everybody smokes. Those who don't smoke are not considered to be complete humans.

Then went to Slovenia. Very mountainous and picturesque. Stayed in a hostel and re-aquinted myelf with snorers in dorm-accomodation. I found myself pulling the pillow out from the guy in the bed beside me and punching his mattress until he changed position... i.e. to stop him from snoring. Turns out it was someone else.

In Salzburg, Austria now. I'm getting the hang of these funky keyboards. Maybe Vienna tomorrow.